Trends to leave in 2014

Kim K Highlight and Contour     Highlight-gone-wrong

Heavy Highlight and Contour

Oh my loves…every time I look at Instagram I see these crazy highlight/contour photos and videos, and I honestly cringe. PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE IT STOP!!!

Why have we become obsessed with editing our faces and bodies so drastically?

body highlight and contour

As a makeup artist I know how powerful a GOOD highlight and contour is… for a photo shoot, or on stage, or for special effects, but this has now morphed into some other demon where people are painting brown and white stripes on their faces and attempting to blend them out for the perfect Kim K face. THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYDAY REAL LIFE PEOPLE! Please save yourself and do not do this on a daily basis!

Also highlight and contour is not for every skill level, lets be real now… In most cases you need to leave this to the PROFESSIONALS.

And NO actual professionals are not those Instafamous, untrained, “I taught myself from Youtube” calling themselves makeup artists, but the only face they know how to work on is their own! It’s amazing when you can learn a technique on yourself, but now do it on 20 other people with all different face shapes and make them all look the same. Its very difficult, but can be done by professionals who know what they are doing and have years of experience. But I digress…


Don’t get me wrong… Kim is stunning, love her or hate her she is quite beautiful. However she has had a lot of surgery to achieve her look, money is no object, and she is constantly being photographed. Many people don’t realize how much money it would actually cost to buy all of the products that it takes to achieve these looks and all of the tools to blend them out perfectly like the pros do. Also no one thinks about how UN-NATURAL it looks on the average woman in the middle of the day just walking down the street.bad celeb highlight and contour

So when is it ok to do some highlight and contour? And how much product does the average woman actually need to use to achieve a realistic natural highlight and contour?

Lets say its the average day, all you need is a bronzer that is 1-2 shades deeper then your own skin tone. Apply this softly to the temples, under the cheek bones back towards the hairline, and maybe a bit under the chin and down the neck.

BUT…depending on your face shape, you would contour and highlight in different areas to achieve that iconic oval face shape appearance. Here is a handy chart to help. And always remember LESS IS MORE!face-shapes-contouring

If you really want to glam it up then by all means go a bit heavier with the contrast of the highlight and contour but I beg you to blend it out!!!!! Otherwise THIS happens…. You should never EVER be able to see these lines!


 bad highlight and contourEva-Longoria fail