Picking Foundation

Picking a foundation can be one of the most daunting tasks women do, but it doesn’t have to be! The dreaded umpa lumpa face or the ghost pale face does not have to happen to you!!!! We’ve all seen that girl… and it ain’t cute!

Here are some tips to consider when buying a new foundation and matching your colour. We are here to help!!!!

Whether you buy your foundation at a drugstore or fancy department store there are many things to consider….

Ask yourself these questions:

How do I want my skin to look? Of course we all want to look like those unrealistic photo shopped models in magazines, but what is it about their skin that we love? Do you want to see your skin with a little more moisture? Or do you want to mattify it? Look at the different textures available in foundations usually there is some assortment of Matte, Satin/Natural, and Dewy. Of course there are more then that available but lets focus on these 3 main ones. If your skin is very oily and you hate the shine on your face then you will want to choose something that has a Matte finish to it. If your skin is dryer then adding the look of moisture in a Dewy finish will help bring you that healthy glow. For the classic combination skinned ladies really its a matter of preference but most of you will go for a Satin/Natural finish.

How much coverage do I want? Coverage is the way a foundation will actually hide or conceal the trouble areas on the skin. Most brands will again have about 3 varieties to choose from, Sheer, Medium, and Full. Think of Sheer coverage for just a soft touch of perfection. Sheer foundation will let freckles still show and really only provide a soft overall evening of your tone. Medium coverage is the most common one chosen because it will conceal much more on the skin without looking heavy. Medium coverage is for the woman who wants to look polished and perfected but not really like she has a full face of foundation. Full coverage…now this one is tricky because most of us are very focused on our imperfections and we all think for some reason that we need spackle to fix our faces. NO YOU DON’T. Full coverage is for the ladies that have sever cases of coverage needs, for example scarring, birthmarks, pigmentation changes. In rare cases a woman wants to look completely flawless, then using a full coverage foundation softly is your best bet. In this case less is more!

Ok you figured out how you want your skin to look and what coverage will suit your needs, now what?

What season is it? When choosing a foundation try to keep in mind what the season is, In winter your skin will be paler and dryer, so you may want to adjust the texture and finish of your foundation choice to something a bit more hydrating and maybe even a bit softer coverage unless this is for evening makeup. Something like a tinted moisturizer. And I don’t care what you say you need to choose different colours from winter to summer. On average a woman should have about 2-3 foundation colours through out the year!

What undertone is my skin? Now that we know what season we are shopping for and what coverage we want and the texture we want, we need to find a colour. Typically you should test your foundation selections along your jaw line and line up a few choices of different levels of colour and undertone. The correct shade should nearly disappear on your skin. Most foundations come in a variety of undertones, some with a touch of pink some with a touch of yellow. If your skin has a lot of redness only in the cheeks but the rest of your skin has a touch of olive then you should match to the olive undertone, this will also help to hide the redness (if you want it to) as it helps to cancel out the red in the skin. Warmth can be added back in with a touch of bronzer and blush afterward. If you find your colour looks too dull then you may want to try something with a touch of pink undertone to it. Foundation should never be darker then the skin because you will see it along the jaw line, the goal is to make it as close as possible so that other people think that its just you and you look amazing! It’s our secret ;)

The best advice I can give you is to get samples and try them out, don’t get discouraged, if one doesn’t work try another. It may take time to find out exactly the perfect choice for what you have in mind. Most women make the mistake of thinking that all foundations are the same, but once you know how to look at your skin and the needs of your foundation choosing the colour is nothing! 

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Happy Makeup shopping!!!!

Elite Beauty Makeup Artist,

Amanda Florio