How to avoid the Bridezilla moments

Hey there Elite Beauty Makeup friends!

I wanted to have a chat about a fun filled topic…wedding planning and how to avoid becoming the dreaded BRIDEZILLA!

Speaking from experience as I am planning my own wedding currently, I can definitely understand the stress and pressure to create the perfect wedding day and often times we get so wrapped up in all the little details that we can forget to be calm cool and collected.

So I know you think “Calm, cool and collected” what is this chick CRACKED its my wedding! But….I promise I’m not crazy I’ve just seen enough brides over the years that I have learned a few things that have really helped remind me that while it is a very important day, its 1 day that will be perfect as long as you get to marry the person you love. That’s it! Simple.

Put it in perspective, will your 4th cousin’s wife (who you don’t remember her name but you had to invite them to appease your grandmother), remember the pretty little gems that you demanded be glued to everything? The answer is NO! So take a step back and let me talk to you about all the super important things and the not so important things.

The MOST important aspects of your wedding that yes you should pay attention to and make sure that they are as close to perfect as your budget will allow…I’ll tell you of course!

Food! Think about when you go out to a friends place for dinner and they serve you something that is sooo good you go back for seconds and maybe even dream about it later cause it was so delicious! Well I’m sure that you know where I’m going with this… when you eat well and you are surrounded by those you love you have a way better time! The same applies to your wedding. If the food is crap, your guests will talk, and talk and talk, and immediately think you cheaped out on the food and have a horrible time. Don’t break the budget but make sure that the food is good.

Open Bar! Do not, and I repeat…DO NOT have a cash bar! Negotiate with your venue to get a better deal if you do an open bar or go with slightly less ornate centerpieces and fork out the cash for it. Your guests will not understand that your budget was tight so you skimped out on the booze. They WILL talk behind your back about it and how tacky it is. I’m not trying to depress you about all this but its a fact. Its all about maximizing the budget in the right areas. Try looking at all the off season packages. Yes the picture perfect spring wedding is great but you will pay through the nose for food and booze.

So now that they are all well fed and reasonably boozed up (not sloppy, but in their happy place lol) make sure they DANCE!

DJ or a Band either way you go the music and entertainment will set the party tone and have your guests talking about how much fun they had at your wedding for years to come! Make sure that they know what they are doing and that the music choices will suit the crowd and get them all on the dance floor!

Photography. This can get pricey but is the one thing that you will have forever. When the flowers die and the food gets eaten, your dress gets boxed up, and invitations get thrown in the recycle, what will you have left to look back on is your photos. Make sure that you do your research here. Look at their work, you need to like the style they shoot in, the way they edit, and their eye for the type of shots you like.

This brings me to Beauty! Kind of a loaded topic but it starts with finding a dress and accessories that accentuate and flatters your figure and really captures the feel of the wedding that you want. The dress does not have to break your budget but it will be in all your photos so make sure its the one you LOVE! Your hair should fit your personality and the mood of the wedding, but contrary to popular belief your hair will not make or break your day, as long as it works and you like it and its not super dated and tacky you are good. And in most of your photos it will be behind you so you wont see it…

Now your Makeup on the other hand, that IS important! I’m not sure why all the little checklists leave this till the last 2 months but you should be doing your research ahead of time and start feeling comfortable with your artist several months in advance. If you scramble 1-2 months before your wedding to find an artist you may be frustrated when they start to book up and are not available during peak seasons. If you are they type of bride who must have a perfect face, and are particular about the style of your look then please do yourself a favor and do not shop kijiji or craigslist for these super cheap not trained or inexperienced “makeup artists” (I use that term loosely) if they say to you $25 bridal makeup RUN AWAY! Please for the love of god do not book them! I’m not saying throw your budget to the wind and give up your first born to have that perfect Kardashian smokey eye, but you always get what you pay for.

Get recommendations, look at portfolios, show them reference material of the styles you like and how you want to see yourself on the day, have a trial. The reason I put a focus on this is not just because this is my business but its because if you don’t like your makeup, guess what its all you will see in your photos! This is an investment and enhancement in your photos. You want to look radiant, you should look like you, but better. A little wow factor goes a long way! Trust an expert and let them make some recommendations!

Remember that your Bridal Party is there to support and help you on your big day but this should not be a huge impact on their lives. DO NOT hand out a manual of expectations and guidelines! (oh you laugh but I’ve seen it!) If you are this particular about how each member looks on your day, be very selective about who you choose. Do not ask them to: loose weight, tan, colour their hair, cut/or demand they not cut their hair, pay for anything besides their own outfits for the day, pay for an outrageously expensive outfit.

Put yourself in their shoes, its your day not theirs. They will be honored to stand by your side if you make this a fun and happy experience for them. Don’t make them regret saying yes to you.

Keep your friends and family on your side and happy to help. Relax, Have fun with it, Enjoy it, Soak it all in!

Happy Planning!