You Are Beautiful.

What is Beautiful?

As a woman I, like you reading, am very hard on myself. What has happened with us? It seems like every woman I speak to feels the same, they feel defeated and inadequate. When did this happen? When did we wake up and say to ourselves that “I’m not good enough”. This makes me so sad. 

There is nothing in this world more beautiful than a woman, EVERY woman. (Sorry guys, this one is for the girls) Women have the innate ability to put everyone and everything before themselves. Women bare children and nurture relationships, run businesses, run households, manage 50 things at once and still make time to pay attention to their partners. Women are wonderful!

Soooo….why the heck are we so hard on ourselves? Unfortunately the pressures of media, celebrities, assholes, and photo-shop, have ruined us! Strong words I know but its true. Women are bombarded by judgement from the moment we wake up. Self inflicted and external judgement.

Walking by a magazine rack even just glancing at it and looking away makes you feel like less of a woman. Oh its subtle, but its enough to make you say to yourself in a quiet voice deep in your mind that you will never look like that woman on the cover. And lets be real, no you (or I) will never look like the woman on the magazine. But that doesn’t make you any less beautiful! We won’t look like that woman because she sat in makeup and hair for 3 hours, had a team of people making sure she looked amazing and then after they photo-shopped the photos to make her look that much more unattainable.

The “thigh gap” craze is a product of photo-shop. Runway models that don’t eat and/or throw up everything that they do eat and work out 6 hours a day because its their JOB to make women envy their figure are really sad to me. We’ve heard it a million times “sex sells” and at the end of the day the only thing that the magazines and retailers care about is your money. They want it, all of it. So in order to get as much of your money out of your hands as possible they know that by making you feel like less of a woman you will be more likely to purchase whatever “miracle” they are pushing. Once we know their motivation, doesn’t that make it easier to ignore all the crap they sling at women? Well its gonna take more work then that but its a start. See it for what it is and recognize that its all smoke and mirrors.

Working in the beauty industry for many years, I have seen it first hand, women will buy everything if it means they might be able to look like something out of a magazine. Social media has made it possible for us to hide our real selves and only show the photos we want to show with a good filter on it that hides some of our concern areas so that no one will know the truth! What are we gargoyles? While we all cannot be beauty queens or high fashion models, our beauty is found in real life. The care and attention you give to a loved one, the hard work you do every day to provide for your family, the way you express yourself, the hobbies you do to make yourself happy, that is part of what makes you beautiful! There is always someone who knows your beauty, hopefully its you as well but if its not, please try to see what is beautiful about you. Focus on your best instead of your worst and don’t let yourself be manipulated by these corporate fat cats that just want all your money!

Imagine what women could do if we all felt beautiful? Something about feeling empowered and beautiful helps us take on the world! Next time you look in the mirror give yourself a compliment, a real compliment no matter how small. Do this every day until you really see how beautiful you truly are and then keep doing it. Lets encourage our daughters to see strong confident mothers and find the beautiful in themselves.

You ARE Beautiful.

Elite Beauty Makeup Artist,