As the summer season kicks into high gear we are quickly reminded of one factor that rears its ugly head and wreaks havoc on even the driest skin. HUMIDITY.

Should all of that time you’ve spent to do your makeup be a waste? Well, we say NO! Here are 4 tips to keep your summer makeup looking clean, fresh and BRILLIANT all the way till Labor Day.

1. FOUNDATION: It’s time to put away your winter foundation. You want to look for a foundation that is light and airy, which will allow your skin to breath. Try a tinted moisturizer or a beauty balm. Both are light and breathable but will still give you the coverage that you need. Try one that has a shimmer or iridescent finish for a beautiful summer glow. And don’t forget your sun protection. If the foundation or facial moisturizer you are using doesn’t contain an SPF make sure to apply one after completing your skin care but before the foundation. Finish off with a translucent powder in the t-zone if these areas are extra oily.

2. LIPS: Most people forget that the lips are very sensitive to sunburn. If you’re spending a beautiful summer day outside or at the beach don’t forget to bring along a lip conditioner with an SPF to protect your precious pout. Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner is great for keeping the lips moisturized and protected from the sun. There’s nothing worse than burnt lips. Keeping your lips protected and moisturized will allow you to ROCK that stunning new Coral lipstick or that sexy nude lipgloss you just bought to go with your wicked new tan.

3. EYES: The problem with humidity and eye makeup is oil & sweat but if you use the right products you can still rock that summer goddess look. When using powder eyeshadows make sure to use a base/primer on your lids, this will stop any oils or sweat from breaking through the shadows. A go to of mine (Color may vary depending on skintone) is MAC’s Paint in Bare Canvas. Another really great option for the summer is cream based eye shadows. These can also be used as a base with powder shadows or used on there own. Most makeup brands have a line of them and are offered in a wide range of colors. Stick with a waterproof liquid eyeliner (pencil will melt and run), I love Makeup Forever’s Aqua Liner paired with a waterproof mascara, both are available in a lot of great summer appropriate colors.

4. SKIN: We all want to go to the beach for a few hours and leave looking like a bronzed goddess. But what if you got just a little bit too much sun, resulting in a nasty red sunburn. First, make sure to apply Aloe Vera to any sunburned areas. When your working on covering up a sunburn remember that putting a heavier foundation on burnt skin can not only look cakey or scaly but could also irritate your sensitive skin. Stick to something light like a tinted moisturizer and avoid heavier powders. Using a liquid golden bronzer will help to camouflage the redness and give you a beautiful bronze glow. The liquid bronze can also be mixed with a tinted moisturizer for a more subtle bronzed glow. Lastly, (and one of my favorite products) spray your face & neck with MAC’s Fix+ to keep your skin hydrated and your makeup refreshed throughout the hot, humid summer day. Remember to always remove any makeup before bed and follow with your regular skin care routine. On sunburnt skin try and avoid using makeup remover wipes or any cleansers that have beads or an exfoliant in them as they may be too harsh on the skin. Try using an oil based eye makeup remover and gently remove makeup around the eyes. A milk infused cleanser will be soothing and gentle for cleansing the skin. Finish off with a light, fragrance free moisturizer and a few sprays of MAC’s Fix+.

Summer leaves us quickly so GO! That’s right, I said GO! Take what you’ve learned here and go have a summer filled with endless sunny days and endless summer nights, of laughter & adventure, friends & family and last but certainly not least, beautiful, BRILLIANT makeup.


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Written By: Jennifer Paulo