Baby its cold outside! Protect your skin this winter

Ok ladies and gents lets talk about the brutal beating that our skin gets during a typical Canadian winter and what you can do to keep your skin looking and feeling fabulous all the way to spring!

As we all know your makeup only looks as good as your skin is healthy. So when this dry frigged brutal weather takes hold we need to protect our skin!

Tips and tricks…

Take WARM not HOT showers! Hot showers actually draw more moisture out of the skin, take a warm shower and then apply body lotion to your damp skin to lock in that hydration!

Get a humidifier! Ever wonder why your skin looks soooo good while on vacation in a tropical country? Its the humidity! Turn up your humidifier a bit or if you don’t have one as part of your furnace then go out and get one that you can plug in. If anyone in your family suffers from winter nose bleeds the dry air could be to blame also. Dry skin is not cute!

Exfoliate! Use your favorite gentle scrub 2-3 times per week to help slough off that rough dead skin and make room for the fresh new skin and as always make sure you moisturize!

Drink water! So we have slathered on all this moisturizer but you still get flakiness? Well its time to drink more water! I know I know you hear this from everyone but that’s cause its good advice! If you don’t like plain water then try mixing up a big jug of water with lemon and cucumber slices in it, soooo refreshing!!!!! The lemon in the water helps your digestion and over all PH balance and the cucumber hydrates and reduces some inflammation, tastes great and is natural! Sip on this all day long to hydrate your body!

Hope this helps! Stay warm and hydrated this winter!